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      The Smartwool® brand is driven to push the boundaries of Merino wool to build smarter products. Inspired by those who live and play in the mountains, the brand offers high-performance apparel made for an active outdoor life.



      The Smartwool® brand designs its products to maximize the benefits of Merino wool and deliver extraordinary comfort that helps people do what they love, longer. The brand’s inspiration stems from its backyard, the Colorado Rockies, where new ideas for products are discovered and tested every day.


      • The Smartwool® brand establishes long-term partnerships with wool suppliers who uphold strict animal well-being and husbandry standards and prohibit mulesing.
      •  The Smartwool® brand uses wool from the happiest and healthiest Merino sheep on the planet.



      Primary Products

      Performance-Based Merino Wool Socks, Apparel, Accessories

      Global Reach



      Strategy & Innovation

      Innovation Driven by Insight

      Fan-Guided Products

      The Smartwool® Fan Field Tester program brings together real outdoor enthusiasts to stimulate smarter solutions and design developments. As the brand’s official review platform, fans-turned-brand-ambassadors drive product innovation by assessing apparel and sharing their feedback.


      Continuously Making Things Better


      Sustainable Commuting

      By encouraging commuter programs within the company, Smartwool® brand associates collectively saved 23,008 miles in 2013.


      Strict Animal Welfare Standards

      The Smartwool® brand believes its sheep deserve to be treated well. The brand works together with growers to ensure it only contracts for wool from farms that take care of their sheep, their workers and the land.

      Life at VF

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      VF Associate Global Survey, 2015