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      The JanSport® brand has celebrated outdoor enthusiasts, whether they’re scaling peaks or strolling across city parks, for nearly 50 years.



      As it’s made packs and outdoor gear since 1967, the JanSport® brand has always been about the journey and the discovery of fun, freedom and adventure. Always innovating, the JanSport® brand designs world-class packs for everyone everywhere that are durable and versatile – for life. And because the brand believes quality products should last, all JanSport® brand packs come with a lifetime warranty.


      • In 1975, the JanSport® brand created the first convertible travel pack, along with the leather signature daypack.
      • In 2013, the JanSport® brand made Complex Art & Design’s list of the 50 most iconic everyday objects. The classic JanSport® Right Pack came in at No. 34.
      • The JanSport® brand has a lifetime warranty on its packs because it believes good products should last. Should a pack break, the brand will fix the product – no questions asked.



      Primary Products

      Backpacks, Luggage, Apparel

      Global Reach



      Strategy & Innovation

      Innovation Driven by Insight

      Jansport® Bonfire Sessions

      The brand engages with its audiences through the JanSport® Bonfire Sessions, bringing together consumers and the local bands they love. Now in their sixth annual season, these Bonfire Sessions create a unique and intimate concert experience that includes free beverages and promotions.

      Launch Video


      Continuously Making Things Better


       Jansport® And Fair Labor Association

      The JanSport® brand holds itself and its business partners to the highest ethical standards, focusing on safe and lawful manufacturing practices that adhere to the Fair Labor Association code of conduct.

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